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Working in the Coffee Shop


When I was working as a barista, the same handful of people would come in to work on their laptops on the same days every week. For a long time, I was happy to be the barista, serving them, but toward the of my barista-ing tenure, I desperately desired to be on the other side of the counter.

About the same time I stopped being a barista, a new coffee shop opened up in town–one that I had never worked at, one where I didn’t know most of the baristas, one where I could start new and be one of those people who gets to work in peace on the sit-down side of the counter. (One that was also operated by PT’s Coffee Roasting Co, which, hand-to-god, roasts the best coffee ever.) Which is what I am doing tonight.

I am trying to work at the coffee shop one or two nights a week. The ease of sinking into the sofa and spacing out on the internet has proved too much of a draw to me over the last few weeks. I am hoping that coming here helps me stay on task. I have spent the last two hours writing up a rough draft of a pattern that I have been meaning to write down for two weeks now.


I am planning to sell this particular pattern, so no more details at this time. HOWEVER, I am still looking for one more test knitter. I am providing yarn to knit with and paying in yarn. I am also hoping for pretty quick turn around, so please comment if you are interested, and I will get back with you for more details. (Disclaimer: I am happy to ship yarn to anyone in the US for this project, but if someone local offers, they will probably get the job, simply because of ease, but I certainly don’t count on getting a local, so please don’t hesitate if you’re tantalized by the photo above.)

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  1. Oooh! I’m always willing to try new patterns (as long as it’s within my ability)! Pretty much the only thing I’m afraid of is cabling simply because I don’t have any experience with it yet. I’ll be a guinea pig for you though, if you want.

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