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Winter Wear

Winter has finally hit here in Kansas. Gone are the easy midday walks in 50-degree weather, and bundling up against the strong Kansas winds has become a priority. Especially when you are purposefully going outside for a 45-minute walk at least once a day.

My problem comes in not having the correct knitted accessories. I mean, I obviously have hats, scarves and mittens, but none of them are just quite right. Hats are too hot for exercise, all of my mittens are fingerless, and the scarf tails get blown around in the crazy strong wind. Plus, my legs get cold.

To remedy this, I have developed a plan to knit a set of winter accessories just for going on walks.

First, I knit the blue leaf headband pattern. It’s a free download on ravelry, and I literally knit it in two hours. I know a lace headband sounds a little crazy for winter weather, but it’s thick and it covers the ear and the top of the head, so for me it does the job. Plus, it’s something I can wear with my hair up.

(It is very difficult to take a picture of the top of your head, just for the record.)

I am also working on a pair of legwarmers. Brock bought me the pattern for my birthday. So far, I am halfway done with the first. They are knit flat and then seamed. This completely baffles me. As of yet, I see no reason why these need to be seamed, but I am knitting the first one as per pattern and taking the opportunity to practice my mattress stitch, and then I will probably lose my patience and knit the second one in the round. They do however, promise to be warm, and I have just enough left over lambs pride worsted from my Mondo Cable Cardi. I hope they help keep my legs and ankles warm, because the wind blows straight though whatever you are wearing.

Next, I need a functional, not to sweltering cowl that I can pull up to my chin if I need to. Though I haven’t looked for a pattern yet. And I need a pair of mittens. A full set of mittens. I have a design in mind, but I don’t have the yarn just yet. I would love to hear if anyone has any recommendations for cowl patterns!

What are you working on?

2 thoughts on “Winter Wear

  1. AWESOME!!! I think I shall take your advice. This morning, I was searching for accessories and realized I knit for everyone else and not myself. What the heck?!? LOL. I love the headband, I’m going to check it out.

    1. I did the same thing! I knit everyone else mittens, but none for me. Good luck!

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