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Weekend Garden Update*

*I started this post three days ago, so you might actually have read this on the weekend. But that’s life with an infant. Also, I have actually been spending time out in he garden.


We planted our summer seedlings in mid-May–so about right on time. We have 8 tomato plants this year, all big, hearty heirlooms. Six are your normal big red varieties, but we also planted two Cherokee Purple, just for fun.

Brock and I like cucumber so much, we have a whole bed of them. This one looks particularly hearty. I’m hoping to have plenty for fresh cucumbers and enough for pickles.–which I have never made before, so that should be fun. Look for adventures in canning, right here, coming soon.

Eggplant. We have two plants this year. In years past, we’ve easily been fed by one eggplant, but we really like it, so we went with two. We might be eating a lot of baba ganoush later on this year.

Zucchini. I have only tried growing this once before, when we were doing our container garden. It was dreadfully windy that year. Even windier than usual in Kansas. The plant got half uprooted early on in the summer and all of the fruit it produced grew just larger than wee and then shriveled up and died–except one, that we didn’t find until we were pulling the plants out of the boxes for the year. It was hidden in all the blown over leaves and it was gargantuan. (There might even be a photo in the archives from 2012.) We didn’t do anything with it. It was too old and the skin had become a rind. It wasn’t quite the experience every says it is, growing zucchini, with having more fruit than you know what to do with. This year we have three plants (if the rabbits ever let the third one grow), I’m hoping to not end up with three, giant, inedible zucchini.

These are the vegetable I had in my salad tonight.

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