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Unbalanced Knitting Mojo

The Long Sock continues apace. I have turned the heel and am on the home stretch as far knitting goes, which is impressive, as I have only been working on this sock here and there over the last few weeks. I am inclined to say that I will probably pick up another pair of socks before I cast on the second sock of this pair, but I also know I shouldn’t. I have started to notice that I am very fickle when it comes to finishing projects. If I let it languish on my needles for more than six weeks without touching it, I am rather apt to just rip it out and cast on something new. That might be why I usually have little more than a sweater, a sock, and a shawl on the needles at all time. They are all different enough to be engaging, but still something I want to finish, so I have a knitting balance going on.

Lately, my knitting has been so unbalanced it isn’t even funny. I was knitting a shawl, that I have just decided to rip out, which I set aside to start on Christmas knitting. I messed up the first part a bit and then I didn’t find the eratta for the beginning of the second chart until after I had started it, and of course my stitches were off. I could rip it out and start it over—or I could rip it out and start a different shawl all together, which sounds infinitely more appealing currently.

My sweater knitting is going great. I spent the first 10 days of 2013 knitting the Abigail Cardi. It is done except for the collar. I blocked it a few days ago, and was going to work on a Cowl Swap I’m doing on ravelry while it dried.

Well, my abigail cardigan has been dried and waiting for a collar for at least a week now, and I am only about half way through the cowl.


And I think it’s really cute! (despite my horribly lazy photos)


It’s the BFF Cowl from Knitty. I think the swap is totally fun, but my word the knitting is monotonous. (And I do realize that I just knit an XL cardigan in stockinette stitch out of sock yarn.) I think I have trouble knitting anything that’s rectangular. Even if it does make a really fun stitch pattern. This is why I will likely never design scarves–and cowls only if they can be knit in the round–because let me tell you, this is the slowest 13 inches I think I have ever knit–and I have 13 more!

I am telling myself, that if I can power through, I can pick out a new shawl and I can finish my sweater and I can start some new socks, and everything will be right with the world.

And in a few weeks, I will get my very own cushy, cocoons stitch cowl from the swap–and that will be very happy indeed. Will I knit the other half? I think I am not going to answer that question right now.

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