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This Time With Pictures!


After months and months, I finally finished the first Thigh High Stripes sock from the Sock Knitting Master Class. I will knit the second one, but probably not unitl October. One of these socks is like knitting a sweater, so I’m going to take a break. I still love this sock, and by the time it is actually cold again, I will have it’s mate.

In the meantime, I have been working on spinning this:
A fun, sparkly alpaca batt I got from Alpacas at Orchard Hill. I have 1 1/2 bobbins of singles. I hope to ply them this weekend and have a bunch of confetti yarn. Also, I have still never figured out how to spin alpaca without a halo (like Marcia from Orchard Hill Alpacas can), but I like the effect nonetheless.

I wrote a few weeks ago about getting a new computer. This is it. There were some reviews I read of this computer that called it “a toy”, but for my needs, writing, spreadsheets, photo editing, blogging, and maintaining my etsy shop, a series of chrome apps and extensions suite my needs just fine–and I was already using google drive for spreadsheets and word processing. And guess what, I didn’t cry when I bought it. The price is completely justifiable.

I’ve been dyeing some Falkland Top. Four braids in spring skylines, (from right to left) Dusk, Starry Night, Breaking Dawn, and Sunrise. They will be listed in the etsy shop whenever the weather is good enough to take something better than carpet pictures. Of course, the weather isn’t supposed to get better for a few days. We are expecting more snow this weekend. You can tell I am just bursting with joy right? I mean, even the birds thought it was spring for a week, and now we know we were all wrong; it’s still winter. I am just taking comfort in the fact that I only planted half of my spinach seeds and peas last week, so if I have killed them by planting them too early, I can at least replant.

How is your spring going?

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  1. I bought the Acer chromebook a few months ago after my laptop was helped onto the floor by a dog. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone doing intensive graphics or needing industry specific programs, but I have been nothing but happy with mine. My husband (who is a total IT nerd and works for one of the major PC suppliers) even bought a second one after playing with mine a little bit.

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