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The Best Hat Model and an Invitation

Athrun did a little bit of hat modelling for me yesterday.

He looks adorable in just about any hat, but I think the effect is magnified when the hat being worn is obviously too large.

Like any five year-old boy, he preferred to run rather than pose.

But we got him in the end.

And now, the scarf update!

Can you see the difference from yesterday? Can you tell that it is one whole inch wider? If you look very closely you can see I have done the first row of the second contrast stripe. And if I keep averaging an inch a day, I should finish this scarf in the next 7-9 days! I do like having a plan.

An Invitation
Just a reminder, the Potwin Fiber Artisans are hosting their first fiber arts get together night at Potwin Presbyterian Church tongiht from 7-9. We do ask that you bring a $5 donation to help compensate the church for the use of the space. (You would do the same if you met in a coffee shop, you know.) If you’re in the general Topeka / NE Kansas area, we would love to have you, whatever your fibery craft! Not surprisingly, I will be bringing the scarf.

Hope to see you there!

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