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Tarot Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

Tarot Thursday

The Three of Swords

Also known as the heartbreak card. This card signifies an emotional blow of some sort. The heart has literally been pierced. Often this card comes up with there has been some sort of ending, seperation or breakup. It is also a card that encourages you to feel those uncomfortable feelings and to lean into them. The three of swords asks us to acknowledge that we’ve been hurt and hold space for that pain rather than dusting ourselves off and pretending we’re okay. It’s tempting to keep pretending sometimes, because we think it won’t make a difference in the long run, but the opposite is usually true. When we bottle up our emotions, then tend to come back when it’s least convenient. 

Questions for further introspection:

(Either journal, pull some cards for yourself, or purchase a Tarot Thursday Reading from my shop and let me pull some cards for you.)
1. What big feelings am I avoiding?

2. How will confronting those emotions help me now?

3. How will acknowledging what I’ve been avoiding help me face my future with intention?

What did you find out? Tell me down below.

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