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Tarot Thursday: Five of Pentacles Reversed

The Five of Pentacles Reversed is about recovering from a time of poverty or perhaps spiritual doubt. It is about emerging from a place where we aren’t certain of our future and are perhaps fearful of making a misstep. It can also be about holding ourselves back because we believe we don’t have the ability or the resources to meet our goals and make the life we deserve. 
So today, I invite you to meditate on the following:

1. How am I holding myself back with my limiting beliefs?

2. What are my limiting beliefs?

3.How can I move past these beliefs to reach my highest good?

Either journal, pull some cards for yourself, or purchase a Tarot Thursday reading for me to do the reading for you. Only ten slots available. Tarot Thursday readings for this card will be available either until all ten slots fill or next Thursday’s reading goes live.

What’s holding you back this week?

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