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Zucchini Noodles and Pasta Sauce

zucchini noodles and meat sauce
One of my favorite ways to eat all the fresh veggies from the garden in the summer, is to make a quick pasta sauce. I make a pretty easy tomato sauce with garlic, onion, oregano, basil, salt and pepper with a pinch or two of cayenne. I usually also add about a pound of ground meat. The first eggplant of the year went into this sauce, as well a bit of frozen broccoli and scraps of zucchini leftover from making the noodles.

zucchini noodles

Since I don’t eat wheat, and am not a fan of gluten free pasta, and I am trying to eat healthfully gluten free, but still love pasta sauce, I tend to eat the sauce over vegetable. In the winter, it’s usually cauliflower, but in the summer, when zucchini is plentiful, I love a big old bowl of zucchini noodles.

zucchini and julienne peeler

All it takes is a few medium to large zucchini (I would figure one large one per person–a great way to use up the summer zucchini bounty) and a julienne peeler. I cut up my zucchini, coat the noodles in a bit of coconut oil, add a dash of salt and pepper, and microwave them for a minute or two. Super simple.

crazy daisy pyrex
My favorite microwave safe dish.