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FO: Weaving Color Sampler

Get a load of my first rigid heddle weaving project!

I am taking the rigid heddle weaving class from the Potwin Fiber Artisans this month. I don’t think I could have taken a better class anywhere. Linda is a wealth of weaving knowledge. While I think most people would consider this a bit ambitious for a first project (four shuttles at once for a few inches!), I can’t tell you how useful it is. I can plan future projects by picking out any square of this sampler. Though I a currently weaving on a borrowed PFA loom, I can tell you when I get my own, the first thing I am going to make is a hounds-tooth scarf.

I am in love with the hounds-tooth.

And I am smitten with my first project. It’s riddled with little mistakes like most first projects, but because Linda set the assignment, I have more direction and confidence in my own weaving. Plus, pretty.

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A Weaving Class!

Another new class from the PFA!

**Classes will be held in the Potwin Presbyterian Church. To enroll, contact the instructor.

Dates: February 7,14 & 21 from 7–9pm

Instructor: Linda Stanfill,

Fee: $45 to PFA (Inkle Looms will be available for sale/order depending on availability for $35)

Ability level: beginner

Description: The class will take you through the mechanics of weaving on an Inkle loom, threading the loom with your project, weaving it and removing the finished project and finishing off the project. Plans for making your own loom will also be available.

Materials: Looms will be available for the class. Bring scissors and a tapestry needle.

Please contact Linda Stanfill at llstanfill@ to register.

This is one I want to take very badly. I need to learn how to weave!