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Zombies, Run!

While I have always endeavored to become a runner, I have never really accomplished this goal. I tried just running around my neighborhood. I tried running with headphones. I have tried to do couch to 5K and never finished it. I have walked and walked and walked because I didn’t feel like running (and I do enjoy myself a good long walk). I have even gone out and done sprints, but I have never ever just gone out for a nice jog. Because frankly, running just sucks. I don’t like it, and I don’t have fun while I do it. It feels like a chore to me, at least when I am walking I have time to admire the weather and the scenery. When I am running, I spend too much time concentrating on running and I start scrunching up my shoulders and furrowing my eyebrows and then before you know it I’m out of breath and have a headache.

Enter the Zombies, Run! app.

I heard about it on NPR a couple of months ago, and then some folks were talking about it in a Ravelry forum. It’s an app that motivates you to run because you pretend zombies are chasing you. Or, at least that’s the basic description I took away from the brief NPR story. What I learned in the Ravelry thread is that there is a story that you listen to while you run.


I am in.

I am a sucker for a story. Part of the reason I don’t have a regular TV is that now it takes work to watch something. If I had cable and TV with easy access, I would be endlessly distracted by even the most mindless of programs with the feeblest of story-lines. It’s horrible. Even if it’s bad, I have to know what happens! I had to download Zombies, Run! just to see if this app could be the answer to all my running dreams.

I started with the 5K training app to ease myself back into running. I exercised fairly regularly all winter, but it’s been ages since I have run with any consistency. I have only finished the workouts for the first week, but I have to tell you, I am hooked. So worth the money.

I can’t wait to get to start the second week’s worth of workouts tomorrow. <--Who is this person? Really. That's me. I've a few weeks left on the 5k training before I move up to the full app, so I will let you know how that one goes when the time comes. For now, I definitely plan on sticking with this app because it's exciting and very well done. P.S. Does anybody know how the regular app works as far as running with a partner? Brock and have been doing the training together so far, we just start the app at the same time, but does the full app give you random missions? or do they come in order?

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Day Off

Athrun and I made cupcakes today.

I am not sure why, but he always asks if we can use green frosting. I don’t  normally acquiesce, but today I couldn’t think of a good reason not to.

I also allowed him to add the sprinkles himself.

Not all of them had such a concentration of sprinkles. Take this one for instance:

This cupcake reminds me of taking a walk in the park on a nice spring day. The grass is new, there are wild flowers dotting the landscape, and some considerate person has let their giant dog crap all over the place without bothering to clean it up.

That being said, I do think the cupcakes with only chocolate sprinkles on green frosting look rather posh.

Athrun helped me photograph some yarn. I asked him to run and get me one of his tiny toy dinos to include in the pictures. He brought me a foam cutout of a dino silhouette, a transformer, and an elephant. I regret that none are pictured.

I call this one “Bunch of Bananas”. Not that I was going for a banana theme when I dyed it, but reskeined, “Banana” is all I can think of.

The other thing I did today was spin. I don’t think I have spun for about a month. I probably spun 1/2 oz of my bright yellow merino birthday batt. For experienced spinners, 1/2 oz is nothing, but I still spin really slowly. I am finally getting the feel for how much is enough twist, and how to adjust my wheel to keep the wool from getting away from me. Athrun helped me treadle for awhile, but lost interest when I wouldn’t let him play with the orifice hook.

Athrun and I went for a walk today for the first time since he outgrew his stroller last year. We live very near one of the nature trails in the city, which was a nice a walk. I didn’t take my camera, which was good because I ended up having to piggy back Athrun back to the apartment, but there was some new grass sprouting, and I was so excited I really wanted to take pictures. It hasn’t been nearly as cold this year as it was last year, but I am more than prepared to keep the balcony door open, let the fresh air in, plant my balcony garden, and go jogging outside instead of at the gym.  Today was a really nice, temperate day, and I am really glad I got to spend the day with the kiddo and not yoked to an espresso machine.