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Alecia Beth

Have you seen the new pattern highlights feature on the pattern page on Ravelry?

It has been very bad for my formally well-organized queuing habits.

Very rarely do I see a project I must cast-on the second I see it. Normally I favorite it, and if I keep coming back to my favorites to look at it, I queue it. If I really like it, I queue it right away. When Alecia Beth by Justyna Lorkowska popped up on my highlights page, I bought it immediately, printed it out at work, saved it on my tablet, and cast it on the second I got home.

In this yarn.

If you notice, everyone else has knit their projects out of solid yarns, or semi-solid at the very most. Me? I go for the brightest food color tie dye I have done yet. I call it “Fruity Pebbles”.

I quite like the effect so far.
AB Cardigan Yoke Fruity Pebbles
I am 3/4 of the way done with the yoke. I am loving the contiguous sleeve construction.

fruity pebble mock cables
Those mock cables get me every time. I just can’t say no to them.

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Dye Day Party

Over the weekend, the spinning group I go to held a dye day. It was fabulous. We all got together and dyed yarn and roving and silk. There was color every where, and most of us somehow came away with green hands, even though we were wearing gloves.

I even hand painted some yarn, which is not something I do very often, but I like the results.

All are one of a kind skeins hand painted on to my Pteranodon base. (100% Merino worsted)

I also brought with me a single skein of lace weight yarn with the intention of experimenting with food safe dyes. Experiment I did.

I achieved this “tie dye” look with food coloring. And on Friday, I will tell you how I did it. (I am taking pictures for a tutorial today). For now, I would just like to admire the effect. . . .

. . .

. . .

It reminds me of a book we used to read all the time when I was a kid. Oh Were They Ever Happy! by Peter Spier. You can see what I mean.

I should get that book for Athrun.

As always, these beauties are all available in the Tiny Dino Studios etsy shop.

Also, it’s not too late to sign up for either of the knitting classes! They begin this week.