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Fiber Play

While I am still plugging away on my Daybreak and Brock’s birthday socks, and pretty much letting the Birds and Dinos Cardigan languish, I have been having many other ideas of what to do with yarn lately.

Some involved turning a new find

into some new yarns

and turning a sweater that’s too big,

into a big pile of pure potential

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In the Works Wed–Wait! What?

This is what happens when I try to do a regular, weekly segment here on the blog. I plan and plan (in my head where all the most reliable planning is done dontcha know) about what I want to include in the “In the Works Wednesday” post; what project to talk about and how cool and interesting and squishy they have been.

This morning before work, I was making a to-do list for the open time I had later on in the day. As I write “photograph new yarn for etsy” I think, “I could go ahead and photograph all my projects on the needles, because Wednesday is coming up pretty quick and I have so much free time on Thursdays–Gah! It’s Thursday!” Thursday, you know, the day after Wednesday.

I am not sure how I missed Wednesday, even though I did all of my other normal Wednesday things (except blog!)

Here I am a day late, hoping you enjoy this post just as much as you might have yesterday when the alliteration still made it a cool day to post it. I can’t even think of any cool Thursday alliteration, so before I start feeling down on my brain power, because clearly I haven’t been overwhelmed by rejoining the workforce or anything, let us move on to woolier subjects.

I started knitting Brock’s birthday socks. You will be able to tell I have been running on low bandwidth when you check out the rest of my projects–they haven’t made much progress, but in a week with very little knitting time I have managed to knit most of a large, gentleman’s sock. I excel at stockinette in the round.

The pattern is just a plain top-down sock with a heal flap, pretty much the only sock pattern I ever use because I don’t need a pattern to knit it anymore. (Locals, this is the sock I will teach when I finally get around to scheduling some more knitting classes. Stay tuned.) The yarn is “French Roast” from Swift Fiber Studio in 75/25 BFL/Nylon.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Next up I have a tangle of a super secret surprise project that may or may not be a pattern in the making that is currently kicking my butt.

Can you tell what it is yet?

The yarn is Pteranodon Worsted in Cretaceous Grape. There is still one skein left in the shop if the color catches your fancy.

Then, I have the lace weight cardigan. And I swear I have been knitting on it. I have actually added two whole inches to the length!

Not that you can really tell.

How are your projects going?

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FO: Mushroom Hunting Sweater

I started this sweater at the beginning of December out of my Pteranodon yarn It is a 4-ply 100% Merino worsted weight yarn. It’s thick, squishy, and just generally gorgeous. I dyed this sweater in an experimental colorway I call porcini, a kind of mushroomy brown.

The pattern is one I kind of made up as I went along. I knew I wanted a simple, top-down sweater. One that wasn’t too warm, but was warm enough, and one that was a quick knit but still had a little bit of intrigue. The idea was that it would be a utilitarian sweater, just as good for sitting on the sofa knitting as going out to chop wood or hunt mushrooms in the early spring.

I knit this on size 10 needles so the fabric wouldn’t be too dense. It has 3/4 sleeves and just a little bit of waste shaping. The best part is, that along the sides there is a surprise.

A little cable detail on both sides adds just the right amount of complication to keep this sweater simple, but still have something slightly different to do on every row.

Side cables. Utterly charming.

Some technical stuff:
Used 4.5 skeins of Pteranodon yarn (worsted weight)
Size 10 needles
Size 46 (with one inch positive ease)
Yes this is the sweater I was wearing at Winter Woolfest
Raveled Here

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Fantasy Knitting

As the Christmas knitting deadline looms and I slowly work down the number of projects I have to do (3 1/2!), my desire to dive into the sweaters I have been longing to knit for myself grows constantly more difficult to deny. This morning, I gathered up all my works in progress and next in line to-be-knitted patterns just to admire them. Once I had the patterns out, I had to match them up to yarn. Now, I don’t have a huge stash, but I had just enough yarn to do each of these patterns.

In October, I fell in love with Amy Herzog’z design in Knitty. The Vignette Cardigan.

I ordered Valley Yarns Sheffield as the pattern calls for, in a lovely chocolate brown. I knit the back while on a weekend trip with my siblings. And that is as far as I have proceeded in the pattern because the immediate need of my family for wintery goods like mittens and scarves took priority.

About a week ago, I cast on this top-down sweater of my own design out of my Pteranodon Yarn. It’s 100% Merino and so much fun to knit with. And yes, there will be a pattern once I finish it.

I call this colorway porcini, like the mushroom. It’s going to be such a comfortable sweater when it’s finished, though you can see I have barely even started on it. Christmas knitting.

And now for sweaters I have yet to even cast on

(Disclaimer: The order in which these sweaters are listed in no way indicates the order in which they will be knit)

Over the past couple of months, I have kind of developed an obsession with making something out of lace weight yarn. I have never used it before, and I love the idea of using it to make a sweater. I am (obviously) in a sweater knitting place, like the idea of a versatile, light weight, delicate, lacy garment. Looking through my pattern books, I came across Stefanie Japel’s Glam Knits.

I find the lace pattern on the Lace Panel Tunic enchanting, and it seems to fit my criteria for a lace sweater. It will be out of my Oviraptor lace weight yarn out of the plum colorway, as pictured.

Then of course there is virtually viral Rocky Coast Cardigan from Coastal Knits

Which I paired with Knit Picks Swish Worsted in the Lost Lake Heather colorway. This looks so comfy. I want to knit all of the sweaters in this book, and I don’t think that’s an uncommon sentiment.

Finally, I had kind of a Gollum moment when Knit Picks released the Uptown Chic e-Book earlier this year. Another book where I want to knit everything. (Only I would make the gloves mittens. I have already established that I loathe knitting fingers.)

The Burnside Tunic is right up my alley. (Though I do wish there was just a touch more to the sleeves.) I am using the called for yarn, oddly enough in the called for colorway. (This is extremely rare for me. I am all about the substitutions.)

And just for fun, and because I had the yarn, I decided to knit the Division Street Scarf from Uptown Chic as well. In Wool of the Andes Bulky in Blackberry.

Is there anything you can’t wait to get started on?

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Knitting Like Crazy

I have been knitting up a storm lately. In the last two weeks, I have knit a sweater (the Idlewood…I don’t have a picture of mine yet, but it is awesome), knit Athrun a simple mistake rib scarf

in a chunky yarn from my recent teal phase

(I know the scarf looks blue in the picture with Athrun, teal does that sometimes…and I couldn’t quite figure out how to alter the color of the scarf without turning Athrun chartreuse.)

I knit myself a cabled cowl.

I finished one of the ugly socks, and started on the other, and today I cast on another sweater, which has been promised since October.

It has been cold and dark and snowy. All I have wanted to do is clothe myself in wool.

I started in on the mountain of wholesale yarn I ordered today. I dyed one of each of the sock yarns, only one of which I have dyed before. I would photograph it, but it is still drying, and not nearly so pretty hanging from my shower head as it is dry, wound, and neatly arranged on my white diner-table desk.

I have also been thinking a lot about getting back into sewing. Last summer, I bought my first sewing pattern in years, and it is still sitting, untouched, in my bottom drawer. Last summer I was wanting more than ever to make more of my own things, but I really didn’t feel like I had the time. I didn’t even commit to buying fabric. Then last week I went a little crazy.

I bought a sewing machine.

You can see it sitting on my desk in the shot of Athrun and his scarf. It’s tiny. It’s not for heavy duty sewing, or big projects, but for the little bit of mending and few small projects I would like to make, it is perfect. And get this, it was $60. I kind of couldn’t help myself. I have said multiple times recently that I really wanted something small I could tuck into the corner of my desk and pull out when I needed it instead of going through the drama of digging through the closet and pulling out my proper sewing machine. I have put off so many projects just because I didn’t want to get that monster out. It’s silly really, but when I spotted this little guy, I was smitten.

And went straight out to buy the fabric for the bag I have in mind.

Now, I am going to oil and tweak my spinning wheel, and hopefully make some progress on the beautiful yellow batt of wool I bought from PortFiber.