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I seem to have a thing for orange

New mitten. New mug.

So far, the mitten is singular, though I hope to make it mittens by the end of the weekend. The pattern is Snapdragon flip-tops by Ysolda Teague. (Yarn is Cascade220 Heathers) I have been playing around with the idea of patterning the cuff of mittens instead of the hand for awhile now. Then, of course, I looked through my patterns and realized these were very similar to the image in my brain with the bonus of a new way to do flip-tops! I do enjoy my mittens.

The mug I snagged at Target last night. There were only two orange ones left, and adopting them seemed the proper thing to do.

It’s finally winter here. So at 7am, it is dark and cold and my photograph is horribly lit. Thankfully, the brilliance of orange seems to be able to withstand the test of dim artificial light and pre-coffee photography.

Happy Saturday!

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PFA news: Anna posted a picture of the amazing felted flower you will be making if you sign up for her classes!

Random Updates:

1. I have been busy playing catch up this week. I am finally, finally on the mend. It is fantastic, but along with it comes the realization of all the things I let slide while I was in the sinus infection fog. Cleaning, taxes, spinning, and knitting commissions.

2. I bought a beautiful batt from Blushing Ewe at WoolFest, which only started spinning yesterday. Then I proceeded to spin it obsessively for the next four hours. I am spinning for sock yarn, so it is taking awhile, but it’s very gorgeous on the bobbin, and when the sun comes up and my apartment isn’t a cave any longer I will take pictures.

3. I also have two knitting commissions, only one of which I have the yarn for. I will, at the very least, wind the yarn today. I have a couple of small projects to get to first, they might be samples for my upcoming classes with the PFA, I couldn’t say.

4. I am excited about my second commission. I am swapping with my photographer friend Julie mittens and a head band for a small photo session for me and Brock. (There are no good pictures of us together.) Plus, I get to shop for some more yarn, which is always a win.

5. I recently purchased some bright orange yarn, which I believe are destined to become Snapdragon Mittens. I am finding brilliant oranges very compelling lately and desire to dye all the spinning fiber I recently acquired accordingly. I may or may not proceed.