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Fabric Fridays

Remember how I mentioned on Sunday that I had a cold? Well, I have been home from work all week, sick as a dog. Thursday was the first morning I was able to forgo a nap after bathing, and even then, I laid down on the sofa for about 30 minutes. I haven’t been this sick in ages, and I’m certain it’s as bad as it is because I’m pregnant. My body’s number one priority is grow the baby, not to fight off a virus, so I have been making it my number one priority to rest so that there is energy to fight off the virus. I am beginning to feel much better, though still definitely in the recovery period. They baby seems perfectly happy and healthy, and likes to kick me when I cough like it’s a really fun game.

I’ve had all these grand plans of what I was going to get done this week, before I got sick, when I was still planning to work everyday, but now it has amounted to little more than sleeping or staring at the walls. I did manage to do some laundry at some point, and make a run to the craft store when I was also going to the pharmacy. (It’s not my fault the built the CVS right next to JoAnn.) So, I have a few things to show you this week.

First, my fabric order came in–and I pre-washed it.

This is the osnaburg for the ring slings I want to make. The photography is horrible, but you can see the woven texture to it. It’s sturdy, and still next to skin soft. The next step is to split it in half and decide how it’s going to be decorated, but don’t worry, I have all of the paints!

meadowlark muslin
I also bought some muslin that is mostly just for practicing my printing. I am very pleased with this muslin. It’s a nice tea towel muslin, not too gauzy, not to heavy. It should do equally well for baby blankets, scarves, or you know, tea towels.

cloth diapers
I also picked up a pack of cloth diapers for the purpose of making into burp clothes. I loved using cloth diapers for general baby clean up with Athrun, they’re just so handy. However, since I’m planning on using cloth diapers on this little one’s bum as well, I wanted it to be clear which ones were the bum diapers and which ones, well, weren’t. I found this sweet tutorial one of those times this week when I was mostly staring at the wall, but trying to be productive.

I was cognizant enough to pick up some fat quarters to give it a whirl, which you can see on my instagram, because for some reason, I haven’t figured out how to share photos from there yet.

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Free Pattern: The Caroline Scarf


For her birthday, my sister, Caroline, asked that I knit her a scarf. She wasn’t specific about how it should be, except maybe purple. So I made up a design to knit for her and the color may be purple, so I feel like it fits the bill. Never you mind that it’s nearly May and her birthday was in March.


This is a chunky lace scarf meant to be wide and warm, but distinctly spring-like. Knit out of merino yarn, it is soft and cozy and perfect for those nippy spring days-or you’re having a spring like we are this year, it will keep you warm while you are still waiting for spring to officially arrive.


About 200 grams or 400 yards worsted yarn
2 Lace Repeats is 4 inches, blocked
US size 10/6mm straight needles
Darning needle
Stitch Markers (optional)

Pattern Key
BO– bind off
CO– cast on
K– knit
K2tog– knit 2 stitches together
(a decrease)
P– purl
SSK– slip two stitches knitwise then knit together through back loop (a decrease)
SL1 K2tog PSSO slip one stitch, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over (a double decrease)
YO– Yarn Over —wrap yarn once around needle in the opposite direction as normal to create an increase.

CO 52 stitches
Set Up Row 1: Knit
Set Up Row 2 : Purl

Lace Repeat:
Row 1: k1, p1, *ssk, yo, k3, yo, k2tog, p1,* repeat between * until last two stitches, k2
Row 2: p2, *k1, p7,* repeat between * until last two stitches, k1, p1
Row 3: k1, p1, *k3, yo, sl k2to psso, yo, k2, p1,* repeat between * until last two stitches, k2
Row 4: p2, *k1, p7,* repeat between last two stitches, k1, p1

Repeat these four rows until scarf reach 50 inches long or desired Length

Edging Row 1: knit
Edging Row 2: purl

Block, pulling scarf long to add length but not so long that you lose width. Finished measurements on mine are 15 inches wide by 62 inches long.

Weave in ends and wear.

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Knitting, Fast and Slow

Last week I spent most of my knitting time working on the samples for the classes I am teaching next month.

I made myself a new scarf, which doubles as the example for my beginning knitting class.

The scarf is 60″ x 8″ after blocking, knit out two skeins of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky on size US 13 needles. Very quick and easy.

Then I moved on to the project for the hat class.

The Southern Lights Hat from It’s a simple ear flap hat with long icord ties and three pompoms. It’s a little silly, but it’s a fun knit. Done out of the same yarn as the scarf on size 10 needles. I did have to adjust the pattern slightly, adding 1 1/4 inches to the length of the hat before decreases are started. This was a very quick knit with fun construction.

Then I started on a scarf. A linen stitch scarf. Knit lengthwise. I knit on it most of the day yesterday.

And I only go through 14 rows. 14! True, that’s 14 rows over 375 stitches, but still. It’s a little discouraging, and it made my hands hurt.

Knit out of Cascade 220 in shades of grey on US size 8 needles.

My plan is to take a picture of this scarf everyday until it is finished just so I can see that I am making real progress. So check back tomorrow to see how far I knit today!

What have you been working on?

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FO: Cinder

This week I finished the last of my non-Christmas knitting.

A cushy, ribbed, cabled scarf that was admittedly not for me, but a long-time promised project all the same.

I think it’s gorgeous all the same.

The pattern is Cinder by Jared Flood.
The yarn is Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Bulky (which I happen to have purchased a ton of this fall, expect to see it again soon.)

It wasn’t bad, as far as scarf knitting goes. I enjoyed the innovation of ribbed cables, but by about the last foot or so, I was just ready for it to be done. Of course, now that it is finished, I am glad I powered through.

It’s a cuddly, strong scarf with a lot of style. All wins.

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Knitting Like Crazy

I have been knitting up a storm lately. In the last two weeks, I have knit a sweater (the Idlewood…I don’t have a picture of mine yet, but it is awesome), knit Athrun a simple mistake rib scarf

in a chunky yarn from my recent teal phase

(I know the scarf looks blue in the picture with Athrun, teal does that sometimes…and I couldn’t quite figure out how to alter the color of the scarf without turning Athrun chartreuse.)

I knit myself a cabled cowl.

I finished one of the ugly socks, and started on the other, and today I cast on another sweater, which has been promised since October.

It has been cold and dark and snowy. All I have wanted to do is clothe myself in wool.

I started in on the mountain of wholesale yarn I ordered today. I dyed one of each of the sock yarns, only one of which I have dyed before. I would photograph it, but it is still drying, and not nearly so pretty hanging from my shower head as it is dry, wound, and neatly arranged on my white diner-table desk.

I have also been thinking a lot about getting back into sewing. Last summer, I bought my first sewing pattern in years, and it is still sitting, untouched, in my bottom drawer. Last summer I was wanting more than ever to make more of my own things, but I really didn’t feel like I had the time. I didn’t even commit to buying fabric. Then last week I went a little crazy.

I bought a sewing machine.

You can see it sitting on my desk in the shot of Athrun and his scarf. It’s tiny. It’s not for heavy duty sewing, or big projects, but for the little bit of mending and few small projects I would like to make, it is perfect. And get this, it was $60. I kind of couldn’t help myself. I have said multiple times recently that I really wanted something small I could tuck into the corner of my desk and pull out when I needed it instead of going through the drama of digging through the closet and pulling out my proper sewing machine. I have put off so many projects just because I didn’t want to get that monster out. It’s silly really, but when I spotted this little guy, I was smitten.

And went straight out to buy the fabric for the bag I have in mind.

Now, I am going to oil and tweak my spinning wheel, and hopefully make some progress on the beautiful yellow batt of wool I bought from PortFiber.