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Fabric Fridays

Remember how I mentioned on Sunday that I had a cold? Well, I have been home from work all week, sick as a dog. Thursday was the first morning I was able to forgo a nap after bathing, and even then, I laid down on the sofa for about 30 minutes. I haven’t been this sick in ages, and I’m certain it’s as bad as it is because I’m pregnant. My body’s number one priority is grow the baby, not to fight off a virus, so I have been making it my number one priority to rest so that there is energy to fight off the virus. I am beginning to feel much better, though still definitely in the recovery period. They baby seems perfectly happy and healthy, and likes to kick me when I cough like it’s a really fun game.

I’ve had all these grand plans of what I was going to get done this week, before I got sick, when I was still planning to work everyday, but now it has amounted to little more than sleeping or staring at the walls. I did manage to do some laundry at some point, and make a run to the craft store when I was also going to the pharmacy. (It’s not my fault the built the CVS right next to JoAnn.) So, I have a few things to show you this week.

First, my fabric order came in–and I pre-washed it.

This is the osnaburg for the ring slings I want to make. The photography is horrible, but you can see the woven texture to it. It’s sturdy, and still next to skin soft. The next step is to split it in half and decide how it’s going to be decorated, but don’t worry, I have all of the paints!

meadowlark muslin
I also bought some muslin that is mostly just for practicing my printing. I am very pleased with this muslin. It’s a nice tea towel muslin, not too gauzy, not to heavy. It should do equally well for baby blankets, scarves, or you know, tea towels.

cloth diapers
I also picked up a pack of cloth diapers for the purpose of making into burp clothes. I loved using cloth diapers for general baby clean up with Athrun, they’re just so handy. However, since I’m planning on using cloth diapers on this little one’s bum as well, I wanted it to be clear which ones were the bum diapers and which ones, well, weren’t. I found this sweet tutorial one of those times this week when I was mostly staring at the wall, but trying to be productive.

I was cognizant enough to pick up some fat quarters to give it a whirl, which you can see on my instagram, because for some reason, I haven’t figured out how to share photos from there yet.

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Fabric Friday

Christmas ended, and I realized that I have less than four months until the baby gets here. For some reason, instead of unpacking the rest of the house and cleaning everything from top to bottom (though I am sure that will come), I am feeling compelled to sew everything for the baby we don’t have yet. When I can’t sleep at night, I browse sewing patterns online for babies: diapers, blankets, clothes.

While I have conceded that since I don’t really sew very often, it might be better for me to buy my cloth diapers. And while I might make a small garment or two for the babe, I really am not willing to put the time commitment in to sew everything a little one will need. But I have found a few projects I think I can tackle.

First, Brock and I really want a ring sling each. I had a Maya Wrap with Athrun that I really liked, but don’t have any more. Since those wraps run around $70 each, I figured it could tackle the project for the both of us. I happened across this pattern, put together by Maya Wrap. They even recommend where to buy the rings! I’m very excited to try this out. I found some osnaburg fabric from, which I read is a good choice for this type of project, though to be honest, I know nothing about it.

I also bought some muslin, mostly to experiment with the printing I keep talking about doing. (I was thinking about making a light weight scarf for myself with hot pink sheep on it, actually.) Since my nesting instincts seems to require a lot of browsing on pinterest, I came across a baby blanket DIY the other night.

Gauzy Baby Blankets

So now I have something to do with the large swathes of fabric I was planning on covering with sheep prints, you know, for practice.