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Wednesdays are for Dyeing

This morning I am firing up the dye pots. I was nearly out of yarn to dye last week, and yesterday 5 kilos of yarn in all weights arrived, begging to be made all pretty. Worst of all, I was completely out of sock yarn to dye. I feel positively naked without any sock yarn to mess about with. And now I have 2 kilos of it!

To start with, I am tackling some a couple special orders that were placed over the weekend. One of them, I am excited to say, is to dye yarn so a local knitter can start her very own big d-mn pineapple! (I cannot wait to see this finished product, though not sure I am willing to tackle it myself.) The other is some more lace weight in my new favorite colorway.

I called it gunmetal originally, but in the right light there’s just a hint of green. With this color, I have enabled two of my local knitter friend to start their own lace shawls. Alas, mine have fallen by the wayside due to farmer’s market prep, but are not forgotten.

Speaking of which, there is a new fingerless mitt pattern in the works! However, my knitting mojo seems to have finally given way to desire to spin a little bit. I have a whole crate of fawn alpaca fluff which I carded yesterday, which I am hoping to spin today. Then perhaps I will get sucked into a spinning time-warp and have time to card the brown alpaca as well. It is a challenge to which I will gladly rise.

What are you looking forward to today?