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Thrysos Blouse

Shortly before Felix was born, in a fit of sheer optimism, I cast on a warm-weather blouse for myself. The idea was to knit the lacy yoke before the baby was born, so I could knit away on the solid stockinette body when I didn’t have a mind for anything else. I tried my best for a week to finish the yoke, but as the sweater grew, and so did my discomfort, I realized I wasn’t going to make it. The night before I went into labor, I broke down and cast on two pairs of socks, which has pretty much been what I have been knitting on since the baby came.

A few days ago, I picked up my Thrysos again. I was only two pattern repeats away from finishing the yoke and casting off the sleeves. That glorious stockinette body was in sight!

I set out to finish the yoke this past weekend…I don’t know what I was thinking, setting a goal like that when I know how big I am, which means the sweater must be at least equally as big–and out of sock yarn, that’s a lot of stitches–with an infant in the house, and a garden to tend, and a house to clean, and a seven year-old to love…so yes. I didn’t make it. While writing this, I only have four more rows before I cast off the sleeves, that’s 481 stitches four more times,(this is why round yoked summer tops are the best, the sleeves are done with the yoke!) and here’s what I’m dealing with.

Thrysos yoke
It’s kind of a bunchy mess. (Don’t mind the pictures, they were taken on a rainy day, with black yarn, in the early evening, and you can see all the cat hair from where my yellow cat slept on it. The fates were conspiring against me–and retaking them was apparently not something I was willing to put extra energy into, see previous paragraph for why.) Granted, I am using my 24 inch needles and knitting a 40+ inch sweater, it is only natural that there is some bunchiness. I am finding the lace pattern super bunchy as well.

thrysos lace patter
It took a lot of effort to get that blurry shot, mostly because of the darkness, but also because the lace pattern is one of those that needs to be aggressively blocked to work. You can kind of see what it’s supposed to look like if you cross your eyes and tilt your head at a funny angle. (Warning, don’t try this one at home, I pulled about 20 stitches off the needles getting this shot.)

I keep hoping that if I can just get through the sleeves, this thing will fly off the needles. It might be optimistic, but this whole project was conceived thus. I have to finish it by July 1st though, because I need these needles for my pogona.

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Pseudo-Ravellenic Knitting

I know to really participate in the Ravellenic games, one is meant to join a team and sign up for a competition, etc., etc. I still wanted to give myself a knitting challenge, and I am taking this challenge just as seriously as though who signed up officially, but the truth is that internet forums have been leaving a bad taste in my mouth lately. Yes, even on Ravelry, and it makes me sad. So, this Olympics, I am avoiding the forums part of the knitting games and just doing it on my own.

I chose Anne Hanson’s Motheye as my project. I have really knit a lace scarf, and I have yet to successfully complete a project out of lace weight yarn. So, I threw my balled-up yarn from my ripped out Starling, which I will finish one day when I have the patience to dye the yarn first, in a pot full of red dye.

This is the effect it’s having on the pattern.

This was just a little ball of yarn, a little snag in the ripping out I couldn’t untangle, and the white shouldn’t last much longer before it runs out. Even now, I can feel myself growing bored with the undyed yarn, and am thinking of switching to the bigger ball. The big ball should have a much larger red section, and therefore a longer transition. We’ll see how it goes. However, I am still enamored of my Pearl Street Pullover out of undyed yarn. Perhaps it is the cables rather than the color?

I do love the nupps! Nupps are another thing I have never knit. I like them and am dreaming of pairing them with cables sometime in the near future. Or do they become baubles when the are with cables. Is there a difference?

There is much I still have to learn about knitting. More on that later.

The suspense, it should be driving you mad.

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Lace Dreams

Back in 2009 when I was first learning to knit, part of my self-imposed knitting initiation was to read the entire backlog of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s blog, The Yarn Harlot. It was educational and inspiring as a new knitter to have such an intimate view into the life of a rather more experienced knitter. I realize this is hardly an original sentiment, but one of the things that really got my fantasy going was reading about the birth of the Snowdrop Shawl. I would have dreams about knitting lace like that when I was still struggling with understanding the construction of a hat. I knew the snow drops were completely out of my league, but that didn’t stop the dreams. I dreamed I was knitting it, I dreamed I was wearing it, I dreamed of it elegantly draped over the back of my sofa.

I found a lacy beret that was closer to my level and knit that instead. It seemed to take the edge off.

Then two years and some time passed.

In knitting class the other day, I was helping a student start a shawlette (she was using a gorgeous buttery yellow alpaca yarn) and we were talking about knitting shawls and the lace weight yarn I sell in my shop. I admitted that while I had swatched a bit with the yarn before I started selling it, I had never actually knit with anything in lace weight yarn ever. I actually said these words, “I’d love to knit a nice big lace shawl, but the right one just hasn’t found me yet.”

What a fickle knitter I am! I had completely forgotten about the Snowdrop shawl. It wasn’t until yesterday when I moved a hank of lace weight yarn from the drying rack to the “to-be-photographed pile” that I remembered about that shawl so long ago. Before I knew it, I was winding a ball of lace yarn and the pattern was printed and tempting me to cast on.

I didn’t make too much progress what with attempting to remain a responsible adult and all that rubbish. Though, as I knit each row and understand the movement of the yarn more fully, the more I want to work on it, responsibility be damned.

Of course, I noticed on the ravelry forums today that Knit Knit Cafe Podcast has announced their new knit along, and it’s a shawlette knit out of fingering weight yarn, and I know I have the perfect little yellow skein of sock yarn in the back somewhere. So I might get to work on that as soon as I get the other thing off my spare pare of size 6 needles. It looks like it’s going to be a lacy spring.

In the meantime, my shawl is Raveled here
and knit out of Oviraptor Lace Weight Yarn
on size US 6 needles.

What are your knitting plans for spring?