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How to Cast On to Double Pointed Needles

Back when I was teaching knitting classes regularly, I had a lot of students who had never knit in the round, and more specifically, had never knit with double pointed needles (DPNs), because they were intimidated by the mechanics of it. So we spent the whole first two hour lesson in any sock or mitten class learning how to cast on and getting to know all those needles.

Today’s video is like a condensed, 10-minute version of that class. It’s got all my tips and tricks, but it doesn’t take long to watch. And even better, you can watch the parts you need over and over again. I am still learning the video editing process, and I still sound like a grade A idiot on film, but my husband said I could tag this video as knitting ASMR, so I’m calling that a win.

If you would like to follow along with the written pattern, check it out here.

Next Monday we’ll increase for the thumb!

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Simple Chunky Mittens Video Tutorial

Back in 2012, I published a little knitting pattern I cooked up for one of my knitting classes. I also posted it on Ravelry. Since then, that pattern has been the number one thing that brings new folks to my website.

Along with those new folks have come requests to see a video tutorial on how to knit these mittens. I’ve been meaning to do it 4 out of the last 5 years, but this year, I finally figured out how to make it happen.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to knit a quick and easy pair of mittens with minimal materials, or are just curious to see how awkward I am talking to my phone in an empty room, click on the video below!

In the video, I only mention what you need to get started: yarn and needles. If you’d like to follow along and collect all your supplies now, here is a full supply list

-100g of chunky weight yarn
-1 set of 4 size US 10 double pointed knitting needles
-2 stitch markers
-Waste yarn
-Yarn Needle
-Tape measure

I made a video about casting on to double pointed needles to get you started.
To learn how to increase for the thumb, check out this video.
To learn about knitting up the hand and customizing length, this is the video you’re looking for.

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Free Pattern: Owl Coffee Cozy

Looking for a quick stocking stuffer idea? Know people who really love coffee? This knit coffee cozies are quick and cute. I love home made coffee cozies. These cozies are insulating, cute, and reusable. They are also a great way to use up left over yarn, taking only about 50 yards to complete each one.

Owl Coffee Cozy Pattern

Materials– about 50 yards worsted weight yarn (one skein of my Pteranodon yarn would make a set of four, for instance.)

Gauge– 22 stitches wide by 28 stitches tall in 4 inches done in k2, p1 rib pattern

Needles– one set US 9/5.5mm double pointed needles

Tools– cable needle
darning needle
six small buttons (optional)
sewing needle and thread (optional)

Pattern Key
BO — bind off
CO — cast on
C4B— slip two stitches onto cable needle, hold in back, knit next two stitches, then knit from cable needle
C4F— slip two stitches onto cable needle, hold in front, knit next two stitches, then knit from cable needle

CO 36 stitches, dividing evenly over DPNs being careful not to twist. (I like to do 12 stitches over three needles)
Rounds 1-4: K2, P1 around
Rounds 5-7: K8, P4 around
Round 8: C4B, C4F, P4 around
Rounds 9-15: K8, P4 around
Round 16: C4B, C4F, P4 around
Rounds 17-22: K8, P4 around
Round 23: C4b, C4F, P4 around
Rounds 24-26: K2, P1 around
BO in rib pattern

You can use as is, or for more fun, sew six small buttons on for eyes.