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A Thursday List

1. I woke up at 4am.

2. I have done so for the last three Thursdays in a row. Not sure why

3. I got out of bed and applied for a job at the library.

4. I kind of dress like a librarian.

5. And it would be a good excuse to invest in more pencil skirts.

6. And perfect my disapproving glare.

7. Though let’s be honest, it’s pretty good already.

8. I bought a blender yesterday.

9. I received one for Christmas that broke almost immediately.

10. I took it back and replaced it with a Kitchen Aid.

11. I do believe I am in love. Everything I ingest for a few days will likely be blended.

12. Except the brownies I am making for my class.

13. My Southern Lights Project Class starts tonight.

14. I wish I could teach knitting classes for a living.

15. I have so much fun.

16. I am thinking of doing a toy project class next month.

17. Mostly because Smith is just so darn cute.

18. I’ll have to knit one first, however.

19. And some Wee Mushrooms to go along with.

20. What do you want to learn how to knit?