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Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving might be my family’s favorite holiday. Most folks don’t turn their noses up at feast days, and we are no different. I would go so far as to say that we fully embrace “feast day” as a challenge. Thus, on Thanksgiving, a Holt can unreservedly be a Holt. To illustrate, our traditional Thanksgiving Day Breakfast:

Puppy Chow

We have this delectable dish no other time of year (well, maybe at Christmas, but not for breakfast), and it is what we munch on while the rest of the dishes cook.

Lest you worry too much about our health, we have other food around on Thanksgiving as well.

From the top down we have:
1. Pumpkin Cookies (fruit)
2. No Bake Cookies (grain and protein)
3. Chex Mix (grain, sodium, msg)
4. Puppy Chow (manna from heaven)
5. Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats with Chocolate Glaze on top (Corn Syrup)

I think that covers all the major food groups.

It was actually very nice out on Thanksgiving this year, so of course we spent some time outside.

Athrun probably got the best workout. He even wore out the dog.

Chloe, my parent’s Golden Doodle, who is more Doodle than Golden.

Always ready to pose for a picture, Athrun does his best glamor shot.

And that’s where the picture taking ended because the hardcore eating began not long after. All told, it was a really good day.