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Free Pattern: Study Gloves

I love a good pair of fingerless mitts. Most of the work I do throughout the day, typeing, knitting, dyeing, spinning, requires my fingers be free. And yet, if it’s a tad on the chilly side, I find having my palms covered helps keep off the cold.

When I first learned how to knit I was living in this horrible little house that would not hold in the heat at all. I would become especially cold while sitting at my desk, studying for hours upon end, to the point where I would light a candle not for fragrance, but for warming my fingers over it. Out of necessity, I made up this pattern that fall and have remade it a million times in all different shapes and sizes for many different hands. However, this is the original pattern I improvised back in 2009. The best part is that it’s pretty quick, and can be knit in an evening or two, meaning there is still some time to knock out a pair before Christmas if you need to, or something great to make for yourself in January.

Study Gloves (Makes women’s M/L)

Materials, 1 skein Pteranodon worsted weight yarn or 100g worsted weight yarn (about 200 yards)
Tools, size 6 DPNs, stitch holder, two stitch markers, darning needle
Gauge, six stitches per inch

CO 40 stitches, divide evenly between needles
K1, P1 around until cuff measures 2 or 3 inches in length (I usually prefer mine on the long side)

Next Round:
Knit, increase two stitches for total 42 stitches

Thumb Gusset:
Knit across 20 stitches, pm, M1L*, k1, M1R, pm, knit to end of round

Increase in this manner ever three rows 4 more times for a total number of 13 stitches between markers

On next round, place gusset stitches on holder, CO two onto right needle to cover gap, knit to end

Knit until piece measures 4 inches from cuff

Next Round:
K1, P1 for one inch

BO loosely, in pattern

Place held stitches on to needle, pick up and knit three stitches along cast on edge, 15 stitches total
Knit for one inch
K1, P1 for ½ inch
BO loosely, in pattern

Knit Two for a pair of mitts that will keep you warm while you work!

*For a really good tutorial on increases, including M1L and M1R see