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FO: Rainbow Socks

On Monday, I finished Brock’s rainbow socks.

rainbow sox

In one of the three Bluum Boxes I received after I cancelled my subscription, there was the most adorable pair of rainbow baby leg warmers. This one thing made all four boxes worth it, though if you ask me, $100 is a lot to pay for leg warmers…

Moving on.

When the bluum box with the leg warmers arrived, my husband loved them. He wanted a pair for himself–a sentiment that has been common in adults since I started dressing Felix in the leg warmers (and sharing photos of them on the internet.)

I told Brock I didn’t think he would get much use out of legwarmers, but that I would make him matching socks. It just so happened that I had my eye on Munchkin Knitworks, waiting for an update of her rainbow sock yarn, just because I was already smitten with the idea of rainbow socks. A couple days, I had some sock yarn that I thought matched the leg warmers remarkably well. And now my husband has some rocking socks, which he has been wearing all evening, despite the awful heat and humidity of the the day. (It was in the low 90s here today, and we’re expecting rain.)

rainbow sox
I’m posting this picture again, because it makes me really happy.