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Tie Dyeing for the New Baby

I haven’t made too many things exclusively for this new baby. I still have so much leftover from Felix, that we’re not lacking for much. Still, this new little one will be a person all their own, so a few thing just for him or her seems appropriate.

This past weekend was chilly and drizzly, which is strange for Kansas in July, and I got a Tulip tie dye kit on sale at Michael’s, so I enlisted my 10 year-old’s help in tie dyeing a few things for the new baby. Not only did we get to spend some quality time together, it helped get him invested a little bit in the prep for the new baby. He’s not exactly enthused about having another new sibling at the moment, but this was fun for both of us.

Tie Dyed Osnaburg for the Ring Sling
Tie Dyed Osnaburg for the Ring Sling

We started with three yards of osnaburg done in the classic spiral technique. It came out perfect! I’ll be making another ring sling out of this as soon as my rings come in.

When I was going through our baby clothes a couple of weeks ago, I found more than 10 plain white onesies. While I’m all for the practicality of a neutral onesie, I’m not typically known for dressing my babies practically or along gender lines, so we had a lot of fun tie dyeing some onesies in all colors.

Athrun dyed this one. It might be my favorite.
Athrun dyed this one. It might be my favorite.

This guy was created by rolling from top to bottom and using two rubber bands to divide it into three sections. Then Athrun absolutely saturated it in dye. I love it!

This one reminds me of turtles

We dyed everything dry, and this guy was the only one that kind of repelled the dye. It’s a Disney brand organic cotton onesie, and I don’t think Felix ever wore it, so there’s the chance that it had never been washed. I’m not entirely sure, but I love how the dye came out anyway. This was accordian folded then sectioned into four, dyed alternately with lime and kelly greens.

I love the color bleeds on this one.

As a contrast the the Disney onsie, this Gerber one was dyed using the same technique (just a different orientation) and really soaked up the dye!

It's a sunburst! Complete with sunspots!
It’s a sunburst! Complete with sunspots!

We used the bullseyes technique on this one, and the colors are so much fun.

The clean up onesie
The clean up onesie

Included in the kit was a sheet of plastic to protect your work surface, which worked great, but we were left a bunch of dye drips all over the plastic when we were done. (The instructions say to cover the plastic with paper towels to soak up drips, but we don’t use paper towels, so we improvised.) I used one last onesie to soak up the dye. Way better than paper towels. Baby will look like they helped dye their own wardrobe.


And just for fun, when I went to edit photos for this post, I had a large amount that accidentally looked like this:

wrap fabric plus belly and feet
I can only see my feet because the baby has started to drop

At 35 weeks, the belly is getting in the way of everything.

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Refreshing Peppermint Sugar Scrub

My giant mint plant makes my tin look tiny.
My giant mint plant makes my tin look tiny.

Most of the year, I am a lavender kind of girl. I love the smooth, relaxing, floral scent, but when the weather turns hot and muggy, and I spend a lot of time outside getting dirty in the garden, at the end of the day I really only want one thing: cooling, refreshing peppermint. Peppermint soap is delicious, but after a long day of working in the sun, nothing is more luxurious than a peppermint sugar scrub.

I love sugar scrub. I use the recipe I’m sharing today on my face daily. It’s also perfect to rub into your hands and forearms if you type or knit a lot, or, you know, constantly.

My go to carrier oil for sugar scrubs is coconut. It’s easy to work with and not too heavy to use as a facial cleanser, while still being an effective moisturizer. I like to use a fine-granule sugar in my face scrubs. Regular old table sugar is just about perfect.

This recipe fills one of my 4 oz metal tins, but a good rule of thumb is to use twice as much sugar as coconut oil to fill whatever container you think is pretty or practical. A container with a lid is best to keep water out of your scrub, and you should always store your scrub outside your shower.

Refreshing Peppermint Sugar Scrub

1/3 C coconut oil, softened slightly but not melted
2/3 C sugar
7-10 drops peppermint essential oil

Stir together in small mixing bowl, then transfer to tin

To Use: wet skin, scrub into skin, rinse, pat dry.

Don’t want to make it? This product will be available for purchase form Tiny Dino Soapworks soon!

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Bedroom Brainstorming

A few weeks back I shared some pictures from the mostly unpacked portions of our new house. Most of the photos took place in the dining room, which looks like this:
dinning room before
Green walls, white trim, hard wood floors in great condition, and a lot of natural light. The photos I shared give the impression that that’s how the entire house looks. The rest of the house is great! But the upstairs has some features that aren’t really my favorite.

For instance, here’ a quick shot of the corner of my bedroom.
Still has the great floors and natural light, but almost all of the upstairs has this dark, dated wood panelling–and as you can see, most of our furniture is all wood-colored. We collected our furniture (and registered for the Cherry crib) all when we were living in spaces with white walls, so there was some contrast. Now our bedroom feels like one big brown blah except for our quilt–and since we rent, painting is out of the question.

The other thing to note about the bedroom, is that it is huge. I haven’t measured the square footage, but what you see really is a corner of it. There is the other half of the king bed and a couple of dressers out of the picture, plus room for more. When we moved in, and told Athrun the baby would be staying in our room, he said there was room for his (double) bed as well as all our stuff and stuff for the baby. He was right, we could make it a family bedroom if we wanted. (We don’t, for the record.) There is just a lot of wall space to cover in there–so it’s no small task to brighten this room up.

bedroom south wall
I want to start on this wall, where the baby’s stuff will be. (This isn’t the final arrangement. The crib is sort of just sitting there for now, but it will be in this general vicinity.) The small dresser on the left is for the baby too.

I have a few thoughts about how to add some color and brightness to the room, as well as make it look a little bit more up-to-date. First, linens for the crib will probably be white with some sort of brightly colored pattern on them–including a crib skirt. The dresser needs to be painted, though I haven’t decided on a color yet, and the drawer pulls updated. I would also like to find a way to raise it a little bit, because it could also double as a changing table in the room.

I know curtains would be a big help, but I really don’t want to put up the only ones I have that will fit these windows, because they’re, you guessed it, brown. They were purchased when I lived in a tiny apartment with no blinds and needed dark curtains to keep the light out in the mornings, and they’ve followed me ever since–and chocolate brown curtains look pretty nice on a white wall, I think. All that to say that I don’t want chose curtains until I know what I’m doing to the walls.

I have been thinking about something like what I found on this blog

Fabric Wallpaper DIY from The Golden Girl Blog
See post here

Spraying fabric with starch so it acts like wallpaper–but is completely removable. Since I have so much space to cover, I am thinking about doing just one wall at a time and working my way around the room. To make it affordable, I am thinking of buying a bunch of white or natural fabric and printing my own designs and colors onto it. Right now I’m thinking about teals and turquoises and greens, because I find them tranquil, and they match our quilt.

I have some simple fabrics on order. When they come in, I am going to try the fabric wallpaper DIY with a scrap in a discreet place to make sure that it won’t damage the paneling. I’ll let you know how it goes.