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Unbalanced Knitting Mojo

The Long Sock continues apace. I have turned the heel and am on the home stretch as far knitting goes, which is impressive, as I have only been working on this sock here and there over the last few weeks. I am inclined to say that I will probably pick up another pair of socks before I cast on the second sock of this pair, but I also know I shouldn’t. I have started to notice that I am very fickle when it comes to finishing projects. If I let it languish on my needles for more than six weeks without touching it, I am rather apt to just rip it out and cast on something new. That might be why I usually have little more than a sweater, a sock, and a shawl on the needles at all time. They are all different enough to be engaging, but still something I want to finish, so I have a knitting balance going on.

Lately, my knitting has been so unbalanced it isn’t even funny. I was knitting a shawl, that I have just decided to rip out, which I set aside to start on Christmas knitting. I messed up the first part a bit and then I didn’t find the eratta for the beginning of the second chart until after I had started it, and of course my stitches were off. I could rip it out and start it over—or I could rip it out and start a different shawl all together, which sounds infinitely more appealing currently.

My sweater knitting is going great. I spent the first 10 days of 2013 knitting the Abigail Cardi. It is done except for the collar. I blocked it a few days ago, and was going to work on a Cowl Swap I’m doing on ravelry while it dried.

Well, my abigail cardigan has been dried and waiting for a collar for at least a week now, and I am only about half way through the cowl.


And I think it’s really cute! (despite my horribly lazy photos)


It’s the BFF Cowl from Knitty. I think the swap is totally fun, but my word the knitting is monotonous. (And I do realize that I just knit an XL cardigan in stockinette stitch out of sock yarn.) I think I have trouble knitting anything that’s rectangular. Even if it does make a really fun stitch pattern. This is why I will likely never design scarves–and cowls only if they can be knit in the round–because let me tell you, this is the slowest 13 inches I think I have ever knit–and I have 13 more!

I am telling myself, that if I can power through, I can pick out a new shawl and I can finish my sweater and I can start some new socks, and everything will be right with the world.

And in a few weeks, I will get my very own cushy, cocoons stitch cowl from the swap–and that will be very happy indeed. Will I knit the other half? I think I am not going to answer that question right now.

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Winter Wear

Winter has finally hit here in Kansas. Gone are the easy midday walks in 50-degree weather, and bundling up against the strong Kansas winds has become a priority. Especially when you are purposefully going outside for a 45-minute walk at least once a day.

My problem comes in not having the correct knitted accessories. I mean, I obviously have hats, scarves and mittens, but none of them are just quite right. Hats are too hot for exercise, all of my mittens are fingerless, and the scarf tails get blown around in the crazy strong wind. Plus, my legs get cold.

To remedy this, I have developed a plan to knit a set of winter accessories just for going on walks.

First, I knit the blue leaf headband pattern. It’s a free download on ravelry, and I literally knit it in two hours. I know a lace headband sounds a little crazy for winter weather, but it’s thick and it covers the ear and the top of the head, so for me it does the job. Plus, it’s something I can wear with my hair up.

(It is very difficult to take a picture of the top of your head, just for the record.)

I am also working on a pair of legwarmers. Brock bought me the pattern for my birthday. So far, I am halfway done with the first. They are knit flat and then seamed. This completely baffles me. As of yet, I see no reason why these need to be seamed, but I am knitting the first one as per pattern and taking the opportunity to practice my mattress stitch, and then I will probably lose my patience and knit the second one in the round. They do however, promise to be warm, and I have just enough left over lambs pride worsted from my Mondo Cable Cardi. I hope they help keep my legs and ankles warm, because the wind blows straight though whatever you are wearing.

Next, I need a functional, not to sweltering cowl that I can pull up to my chin if I need to. Though I haven’t looked for a pattern yet. And I need a pair of mittens. A full set of mittens. I have a design in mind, but I don’t have the yarn just yet. I would love to hear if anyone has any recommendations for cowl patterns!

What are you working on?

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Knitting Like Crazy

I have been knitting up a storm lately. In the last two weeks, I have knit a sweater (the Idlewood…I don’t have a picture of mine yet, but it is awesome), knit Athrun a simple mistake rib scarf

in a chunky yarn from my recent teal phase

(I know the scarf looks blue in the picture with Athrun, teal does that sometimes…and I couldn’t quite figure out how to alter the color of the scarf without turning Athrun chartreuse.)

I knit myself a cabled cowl.

I finished one of the ugly socks, and started on the other, and today I cast on another sweater, which has been promised since October.

It has been cold and dark and snowy. All I have wanted to do is clothe myself in wool.

I started in on the mountain of wholesale yarn I ordered today. I dyed one of each of the sock yarns, only one of which I have dyed before. I would photograph it, but it is still drying, and not nearly so pretty hanging from my shower head as it is dry, wound, and neatly arranged on my white diner-table desk.

I have also been thinking a lot about getting back into sewing. Last summer, I bought my first sewing pattern in years, and it is still sitting, untouched, in my bottom drawer. Last summer I was wanting more than ever to make more of my own things, but I really didn’t feel like I had the time. I didn’t even commit to buying fabric. Then last week I went a little crazy.

I bought a sewing machine.

You can see it sitting on my desk in the shot of Athrun and his scarf. It’s tiny. It’s not for heavy duty sewing, or big projects, but for the little bit of mending and few small projects I would like to make, it is perfect. And get this, it was $60. I kind of couldn’t help myself. I have said multiple times recently that I really wanted something small I could tuck into the corner of my desk and pull out when I needed it instead of going through the drama of digging through the closet and pulling out my proper sewing machine. I have put off so many projects just because I didn’t want to get that monster out. It’s silly really, but when I spotted this little guy, I was smitten.

And went straight out to buy the fabric for the bag I have in mind.

Now, I am going to oil and tweak my spinning wheel, and hopefully make some progress on the beautiful yellow batt of wool I bought from PortFiber.