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Sunday Afternoons

Sunday afternoons are my favorite times of the week. The house is quiet. Athrun is usually with his Dad, Brock is working on whatever his project for the day is, and I am able to pretty much do whatever I want. Turns out, whatever I want is usually pretty simple: knit, read a book, take a nap, cook. Usually it’s a good mix of all four.

Today I have a pot of chicken broth in the works while casting on Brock’s yearly sweater, which is difficult enough that I can’t read while I knit. This year I am knitting him an Aran because the man looks good in cables. I’ve been admiring this pattern for a good year now, and finally got the yarn to cast on this week, as part of his Christmas present.

An Aran For Brock Cast On

I am using Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in Oatmeal. I don’t tend to pay a lot of attention to Lion Brand yarn, because they are often acrylic blends or just straight up acrylic, but I really like this wool. I made Brock’s Ishmael Sweater out of it last year, and it’s held up really well. He wears this sweater every day, so he’s really put it through the ringer.

Otherwise I’ve been working on Christmas presents non-stop.

Christmas Work
It doesn’t look like much, but 99% of the presents under that tree are handmade. (I also have a cat and a kid, and they both like the tree. I didn’t feel the need to tidy the tree skirt or bring the other half of the presents out of hiding.) Also, wrapping presents at 6 months pregnant is hard work, but at least we have plenty of floor space now to do it on!

I am really excited about Athrun’s present this year, even though it’s just about the only I didn’t make, but more on that after Christmas.

What are you looking forward to this year?