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Birthday New Year

I am sure all you are just about sick of new year resolution blog posts, but I am going to try you patience only a little while longer.

Most people celebrate the new year, you know, on the New Year. For me, it’s kind of just a pit stop to keep the holiday season going until today. My birthday. Since today is my real new year, and it’s so close to the actual one . . . well you see where I am going.

I am not a fan of resolutions, but I am a fan of recognizing when certain needs should be met. For instance, the second I quit my job in November, I started exercising more. It was a good start. I certainly didn’t have the “I just don’t have time” excuse anymore. But seeing as that I am the heaviest I have ever been (to be honest, I have been at this same weight for over a year, so the plus side is that I haven’t been gaining!), now seems like a good time to really step up the exercise program. Walking/Jogging is good and relaxing, but I really love yoga. I am going to endeavor to incorporate some practice into my daily routine. I am a natural worrier and over-stess-outer, and even a short practice helps me breathe, calm down and focus on getting down to business. So goal for 2012, do more yoga, breathe, and relax.

I am also going to start writing fiction again this year. I have ideas swirling around me as I work on all my fiber projects. I am finding that knitting and spinning provide time for ideas to ruminate in my brain for awhile until I am ready to write them. The two forms of art are very complementary in this way, and I think I have finally recovered from the trauma of writing for school enough to start writing for myself again.

I feel like I have done a lot in the past year. 26 was a struggle, but I came out the other side of it a little more fearless and a lot more confident. 27 is already shaping up to look pretty good both personally and business-wise. I don’t think I’ll be sky-diving (ever), but I hope to reach 28 in much the same manner.