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Summer KAL: Pogona

It’s time for another Knit-A-Long!

handspun yarn for pogona

I am hosting another KAL with the Potwin Fiber Artisans. We’ll be sharing our tips and project photos in the PFA Ravelry Group


-We are casting on July 1st, so you should have plenty of time to track down yarn and needles.

-We’ll be knitting Pogona by Stephen West. You can purchase your pattern at the link.

-The pattern calls for one 100g skein of fingering weight yarn and US size 6 needles. (It would be really easy to make this pattern out of any weight yarn, especially if you want to make something really big, but you’ll want to keep in mind that if choose a thicker yarn, you’ll also need to increase your yardage.)

-This is a textured pattern with a lot of increases, but no lace. The designer recommends 20 stitch markers.

If you’re wondering what kind of yarn to use with this pattern, the possibilities are nearly endless. Go click through the photos of other knitters projects on the pattern page, and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll notice first that a lot of people chose variegated yarns, because this pattern looks amazing in variegated yarns. My favorite are the ones knit with long color repeats, like this one:

YarndelSol’s Pogona

Not only does it do lovely things between the different textured sections, the way the color pools and flashes is just delightful.

easter rainbow sock yarn
A yarn with short color repeats, like my Easter Egg Rainbow” would have, like you might expect, short flashes of color. I imagine this yarn, knit into pogona, would look something like white frosting with sprinkles on top.

When I think about wearing this shawl, all I can think is that mine needs to be made out of handspun. I wish I had some handspun on hand like this skein from Black Sheep Goods.

Squishy, variegated, and barber-poled. Can you just imagine?

The yarn pictured at the top of the post is what I’m using to knit my pogona. I have two skeins of the grey alpaca (admittedly, I am still plying the second) to the one skein of the undyed cormo. They are the same weight and were both chain plied into nice round, bouncy yarn. The only question now is how should I stripe them?

What’s your pogona going to look like? Hop on over to our KAL thread on ravelry and share!

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