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Special Promotion!

As I was doing some light maintenance to the etsy shop this morning, I noticed that my online sales are sitting pretty at 96. 96! Do you know how close that is to 100? I’ll tell you since I am so good at math: it’s 4 skeins away from 100. And so, I thought, you know, this is cause for celebration.

From now until I sell 100 items, all items in the shop (including spinner fiber) with be 20% off with coupon code DINO20. So get in there and get while the getting is good, because I imagine those will go fast!

What’s even better than yarn on sale?

Free yarn? Custom yarn? How about free custom yarn?

Whoever purchases with 100th skein of yarn will get a free custom dyed skein of 100% merino sock yarn.

Happy Shopping!

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