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Some Garden Joy

Things in Dino Land have been a little stressful lately. Adjusting to working full-time again has been a battle. And then my computer has not been working very well. I am trying my best to make it until fall when I can potentially afford a new one. Lately, I have just been looking for a good way to relax. A big part of the homecoming-relaxation process is saying hello to my plant friends.

This is the view I get when I drive up.

The plants are growing noticeably every day. Today the cucumber plant climbed one whole little section higher on the trellis.

Then I go outside and luxuriate in the green.

Everything is taller than me now. (Bear in mind it’s planted four feet off the ground.) The smell of tomato plants is heavenly. I go out every day to breathe in their scent and check for any tiny tomatoes. No luck yet, but I am not completely fruitless.

A few little zucchini.

And the biggest of three cucumbers.

I feel really lucky to be able to grow a garden at all—and I look forward to this sight every day.

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