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Some Changes

ten days old
Gratuitous baby photo: Felix at ten days old wearing tiny dinos and rainbow leg warmers.

No doubt, if you are reading this from my home page, you’ve noticed that I have been making a few changes around here. This last twelve months, for this blog and for m life have been filled with upheaval. I moved twice, got married, opened a new store at the day job, and had a baby. In that same time, my blog has suffered numerous outages, which had something or other to do with old features of wordpress not moving over to new versions with very little warning for someone who had no time to give her blog thought outside of updating it from time to time.

My etsy shop, due to many of the same reasons, has also been closed a good portion of the last year. New product there has been few and far between. While indeed, I spent most of the year making things for Felix, I was pretty uninspired to do any dyeing. What I really wanted to do, was work with wool more directly. I have long appreciated the less processed yarns–the ones where the elasticity of the wool is still plainly felt, the ones that are still a little bit crunchy and not completely smooth. I love the texture of wools that aren’t Merino, and I want to experiment with them some more.

My intention when I started this business was to eventually be producing yarns and spinning fiber for sale (some dyed and some not) produced by my local farmers. Selling the commercially prepared yarn was just a way to build some capital. Over the last three years, I haven’t really come all that close to my goal. I have some Tunis for sale that is from a local farm–but a few pounds of wool sent to the local mill is only a tiptoe in the right direction. What I really want to do is start from the fleece and sell it washed, dyed, carded, spun, or any combination thereof.

It’s a lot more work than pouring some dye over some yarn, but it’s where I’ve been wanting to go for years, but just haven’t had either the space or the time. (Laying out a fleece in the apartment we were in before took up the entire living room.) But it’s the choice that feels more authentic to me.

And get ready to see a lot more dyeing done with food safe dyes. Since I am going to be doing most of my work with a baby strapped to me, I’m just not as comfortable using regular acid dyes. I’m really looking forward to seeing what new combinations I can come up with.

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