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Simple Worsted Weight Flip Top Mittens

I know what you’re thinking, a knitting pattern? I thought you were writing novels now. I am, and we’ll get back to your regularly scheduled bookish content tomorrow, but I owed my Tiny Dino Studios YouTube subscribers a knitting pattern. I promised them a worsted weight version of the simple chunky mittens all the way back in December. And I might be slow, but I don’t like to renege on my promises. So even though my mitten knitting days are over. Here friends, is a pattern just for you.

If you’re joining me from the Tiny Dino Studios knitting channel, Hello! I hope you stick around to find a little bit about The Other Lane and my other books. You can snag the prequel to The Other Lane: A Modern Fairy Tale for free when you sign up for my newsletter.
Enjoy the pattern and I hope you find the videos helpful!

100 grams worsted weight yarn (I’m using two 50g balls of Knit Picks Swish Worsted)
4 size US 6 DPNs
Waste Yarn
Yarn Needle

CO 40 stitches, divide evenly between needles
K1, P1 around until cuff measures 3 inches in length (I usually prefer mine on the long side)

Next Round:
Knit, increase two stitches for total 42 stitches

Thumb Gusset:
Knit across 20 stitches, pm, M1L*, k1, M1R, pm, knit to end of round

Increase in this manner ever three rows 4 more times for a total number of 13 stitches between markers

On next round, place gusset stitches on holder, CO two onto right needle to cover gap, knit to end

Knit until piece measures 4 inches from cuff

Place half (21 stitches) on waste yarn. For right mitten, knit across 21 stitches, place seond 21 stitches on waste yarn. For left mitten, place 21 stitches no waste yarn, knit across next 21 stitches.

On next round, used backword loop cast-on to cast on 21 stitches in place of the ones you put on waste yarn. This is the start of your flip top. Distribute 21 stitches over 2 needles.

Knit in St st on the top side of the mitten and in 1×1 rib on the palm side of the mitten for one inch.

Switch to St st all over for 2.5 inches or until mitten is 1.5 inches than the tallest point on your hand.

Next round, *Knit 8, k2tog* until last 3 stitches, k3
knit 1 round
*knit 7, k2tog* until last 3 stitches, k3
knit 1 round
*knit 6, k2tog* until last 3 stitches, k3
knit 1 round
*knit 5, k2tog* until last 3 stitches, k3
knit 1 round
*knit 4, k2tog* until last 3 stitches, k3
knit 1 round
*knit 3, k2tog* around
*knit 2, k2tog* around
*knit 1, k2tog* around, break yarn, pull through stitches

Place waste yarn on needle, work flat in 1×1 rib for at least one inch. Secure ends so that there are no gaps and so the flip top still hinges smoothly

Place held stitches on to needle, pick up and knit three stitches along cast on edge, 15 stitches total
Knit for 1.5 inches or until half inch below the top of your thumb
*knit 3, k2tog* around
knit 1 round
*knit 2, k2tog* around
*knit 1, k2 tog* around
break yarn and pull through stitches

Weave in ends

Make two, making allowances for right and left hands when you are adding the flip tops.

Happy Knitting!

If you need any help with the pattern, please refer to the videos below, they demonstrate all the technique in easy to see, bright pink, chunky yarn.

Simple Chunky Mittens

4 thoughts on “Simple Worsted Weight Flip Top Mittens

  1. Have been looking for a great fingerless/convertible mitten pattern and this is it! I crochet them for my kiddos, but I’m slowly falling more in love with knitting. Thank you so much for the share!

    1. Glad you’re enjoying!

  2. What is the gauge for these mittens, so i can substitute with a different yarn? Thanks

    1. You’re looking for six stitches per inch!

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