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Seeking Balance

I have been spinning off this little ball of roving (originally pulled out from a batt of Merino, Silk, Soysilk, and firestart) for about a month now. It is true that I am spinning fine with the intention of getting 3-ply sock yarn, so that takes a little longer. It is true that I broke my little toe and spinning caused it to swell to alarming proportions for a couple of weeks. It is also true that this has not been a problem for about ten days, and that I have had plenty of time to spin. Plenty. Over the last month, I have probably spent four hours at my wheel. (This might explain why the handspun section of my shop looks so sad.) On the other hand, I have knitted a large, involved scarf, a pieced sweater, one and a half hats, a pair of socks, one mitten, and another (though much less involved) scarf.

The problem seems to be the knitting. My post-holiday January startitis has disastrously carried over into February. Not that I am discouraged at my productivity. It’s just that very little of that productivity has been profitable. One of my goals for the new year was to knit more for myself, another was to offer more hand spun in my shop. Obviously I have been doing great with one, not so great with the other. And that needs to change. I need to spend more time working on my shop.

As a first step, I am going to go back to devoting an hour to spinning everyday. Then I am going to pull out my notebook with my design ideas and actually attempt to complete a few original project ideas. This morning, I am cleaning some fleece I have had for awhile so I can prep it for spinning. (Bonus:I just found some silver mohair locks I forgot I had, tucked away in my fleece-cleaning lingerie bag.)

The sewing bug is also niggling at the back of my mind. I want to sew notions bags. And project bags. Not sure if I want to sell them or not. Or fuss with winding thread onto bobbins. So silly the things that stop us from trying something new.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Balance

  1. Thanks Marla, I needed to see your post this morning. I spend my time creating both jewelry and fibery arts stuff plus i am trying to get my web site back up after my web host vanished. Balance is a tricky thing, I know now that i can’t just expect it to happen I need to plan ahead and come up with some kind of schedule.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I needed to see that too.

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