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Sad Pups

I don’t know if I have ever shared the Pile-able Pups I started making for Athrun last year. Meet John, in green, and Mary, in purple. Athrun named them himself, and picked out the colors as well. He received John for his birthday last year and Mary for Christmas. It’s time to start thinking about making him another one for his sixth birthday, which is just over a month away. He has requested that his next pup be blue. So I either need to get dyeing or get my behind to the yarn shop, because I have no blue worsted weight yarn.

I suppose you might be wondering why these pups look so sad.

They are wet, you see, after having a very hot bath. A delousing bath, in fact.

Athrun is spending the weekend with his Dad, and Saturday he called to tell me that he had found lice on Athrun. We can only figure he got them at school, which means he’s had them for at least the 10 days that school has been out. (Yikes. Doesn’t it just make your head itch thinking about it.)

Luckily, nobody else seems to have picked them up, and I actually haven’t seen anything here, but I am delousing the house today regardless–because one sighting is enough thank you very much.

I gave these sad little pups a bath. Now that they are drying out in the sun, I hope they perk up just a little bit.

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