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Real Life Intruding

For about the last six months, I have been working from home, doing a bit of writing, and a lot of fibery stuff. In the past couple of weeks, the budget has made it mighty clear that’s it’s being stretched just a tad too thin. Of course, with farmers market prep and everything, I kept putting off the notion that I should start looking for a job, dreaming that I could make two week’s worth of wages at the market each week. That of course led to the last week of panicking that I wouldn’t have enough money to even make it to the farmers market. Now, the market last week went great. I had an awesome time and met so many great new folks and ran into some people I’ve seen at other craft shows. The point is, the farmers market is too new and unpredictable a source of income and the online sales have been less than inspiring lately, so I went and procured myself a job.

At a temp agency.

Right now I am working part-time, and will be for about the next month. After that, who the heck knows.

I still plan on writing, and dyeing and spinning up a storm, but I do expect it to take me a couple of weeks to figure out how to work outside of the home again and how to keep the home-based business going. I know I can do it. I mean, I started this business while going to school full-time and working 40+ hours a week at the coffee shop for goodness sake.

Frankly, I am a little relieved to get out of the house more often. Don’t get me wrong, I cherish and guard my alone time like a mama bear protects her cub, but I have been feeling a little lack luster of late, and the stress and strain of worrying about money really wasn’t helping.

While I am pretty tired from my first day on the job, I am also seeing the upside of being employed by someone else once again. For one, I get paid for the work I do. For another, the money my business makes can now go straight back into my business instead of to bills. (This includes finally purchasing my own loom. That is totally a business expense!)

Speaking of weaving, I am on my way to weaving class just now. Tonight we are working on texture, and that along with last week’s color extravaganza, I predict I will be a weaving maven by the time I order my own loom–so start thinking about what your custom scarf to look like now. May I suggest the hounds tooth?

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