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Random on Saturday

1. I still have not turned on the air conditioning in the apartment. Right now I am sitting in a pool of sweat and my computer is moving jerky, but I’d rather have the windows opens and hear the birds sing than feel like I live in a human cubicle like I do during the winter.

2. I am working on a writing project–for money– and all I can think about is my zombie story, and all the books (about American Bison migration) I want to read.

3. Upon finding out my real age (27), a 21 year-old man-kid told me I could pass for his age, therefore I am now 21 again and the fact that I have a (nearly) 6 year-old is not awkward at all.

4. I lost two more pounds, but as I am planning to eat my weight in bing cherries today, that probably isn’t going to last.

5. We got cherry tomatoes in the CSA bag yesterday. They are candy. And are going in to absolutely every meal until they are gone, because they are the first tomatoes of the year. OM NOM.

6. Athrun’s birthday is in three weeks and I still have not cast on his puppy dog. This would not normally be a problem, but I have had almost ZERO knitting time lately, and have no idea if/when my schedule is going to free up.

7. Now I am going to the coffee shop to write because I need a change of scenery. (And they have free air conditioning.)

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