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Things have been really quiet around here lately, and for that, I apologize.

Have you ever been at a cross-roads where life was just kind of frustrating and you were pretty much broke all the time and you just weren’t sure where to go next?

That is kind of me right now. I decided I didn’t like freelance writing–awhile back though I have one project to finish up. And frankly, the money isn’t worth it. The yarn business has always been self-sustaining, but right now, I need it to be life-sustaining and it just isn’t–which isn’t the yarn businesses fault, it’s my fault for deciding I needed to work for somebody else again and then not doing it right away. I have a passion for the fiber arts. I love everything about it I know, sheep to shawl, as it were. I am just wondering what my next step is with the selling, and trying muster the energy to make that step correctly when it comes.

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