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Preoccupied, A List

1.I am planning some diet experimentation, which has me preoccupied. I will be blogging about it for next few weeks over here if you’re interested. If not, that’s cool too.

2.I have some Falkland top soaking, just waiting to be dyed. That’s where I am headed next.

3. I have a whole pile of stuff I need to take pictures of. The shop is sorely lacking and update, but I always seem to be busy when the darn sun is out.

4. It’s spring break. The kiddo isn’t here right now because it’s spring break, so it would be ther perfect opportunity to break out the camera, but it’s been snowing all day. What’s that about Kansas?

5. I want to wear dresses and go barefoot, I would certainly like it if the weather decided to cooperate.

6. In that same vein, I am knitting all very springy things. A sweater on large needles out of mohair laceweight, a pair of lacy socks and a lace scarf.

7. Normally, I am categorically against knitting scarves, but I really enjoy the rhythm of this motif. Pattern freebie to come I think.

8. I spent a very productive weekend cleaning, making kombucha and yogurt. I even planted some spinach and snap peas, will they grow despite the snow? Who knows, but I gave it a shot anyway.

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