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Practice and Progress

Guess what you guys?! I can do colorwork!

Who would have thought, that it would be just as easy picking up some needles and doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I am still working out the finer points of keep my yarn from tangling and not pulling my floats too tightly. And the gauge on this swatch is ALL WRONG. I can barely fit that over my toes. But it has a pattern of color, and it is so far in the vague shape of a tube, so I call it a successful practice swatch!

This is a better picture of the color pattern. Which makes me think either my yarn (protoceratops) isn’t the best for color work projects, or my colors aren’t contrasty enough. I am leaning toward both. Of course, I have absolutely no idea what makes a sock yarn good for colorwork.

I browsed through my latest knitpicks catalog and picked out three colors of Palette to make this sock out of. While, yes, Knitpicks is cheap and easy, I mostly decided on this yarn because it was made for colorwork, and I want to see what that is. I will be purchasing it the moment I get paid next week…and scouting my local(est) yarn stores for sock yarn for the next few projects.

While I am waiting for money, I have been making some progress on my OWLS sweater! (Class starts the 13th! Sign up now!)

But I can’t show you now because my the picture uploader is seriously killing my lovely “it’s the weekend!” buzz and not uploading my photos properly or in a timely manner. Just be satisfied to know that I have the body and one sleeve done, and by the time the weekend is over, I hope to be joining it all for the yoke. Hooray for knitting with bulky yarn!

Happy weekend. I shall spend mine knitting as fast as I can!

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