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Playing Hooky

Yesterday, I ducked out of the office at noon, convinced Brock to play hooky with me and cruised on over Lawrence. The town that’s a half hour away with the good gluten free pizza, decent coffee, and a yarn shop. I was not having a very good day, hence the playing hooky.

I have forgotten how nice it is to relax and take an afternoon off. I knit on the drive there and back, finishing my sister’s birthday present (3 weeks late, but who’s counting) Some Malabrigo Rios came home with me is already becoming a little crocheted lap blanket (not sure why I want to crochet blankets, but I do). I bought some silk to play with on my drum carder, which should be arriving today.

We picked Athrun up from school where he had won an award for his school’s Read-a-thon. Mostly because I read him the entirety of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix within the time limits, since books parents read to you count as well. (He said his name was drawn, I say whoever was in charge decided he deserved a coupon for free pizza for finishing the longest book for a first grader ever. I also think mommy should have won some nice tea for nearly losing her voice.) At home, I continued to read to him out of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

More days need to be as healing as yesterday afternoon.

I am going to try to remember to take more time like that and not fret…and perhaps play hooky more often.

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