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Pineapple Socks aka Assymetical Cables

The first pair of socks from the Sock Knitting Master Class is finished!

The yarn in Tiny Dino Studios Protoceratops (100% Merino, 3-ply) in Pineapple. Out of a 100g skein (490 yards) I used 75g (approximately 370 yards) to knit the largest size sock in the book. While I think I will continue to use a deeper gusset on my top down socks, I feel as though the rest of the sock is a tad too loose–which is not going to stop me from wearing them.

Because they are fabulous.

What I learned:
How to to drop down and retwist a mis-twisted cable
How to cable without a cable needle (to clarify, I already knew how to do this, I had just never actually practiced it. I think I still prefer a cable needle)
That I still really believe in my own products
How to do a proper kitchener stitch instead of the one I made up that was close enough

As far as ease of knitting goes, these socks are fairly simple. I knit them over lunch breaks, while listening to podcasts, and while watching tv, but they still require you to pay attention to what row you are one. I wouldn’t take them to a lively knitting group, nor would I work on them during an action-packed thriller drama. They are better suited to re-watching Gilmore Girls for the billionth time (Which I may or may not be doing.)

so comfy….

Next up, the Stranded-Colorwork Socks of DOOM!

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