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Moving Sale And Other Business

If you follow me on facebook or twitter, you might have seen it a few days ago when I announced we were moving. I wish I could say that we had found a great little house where we could all have a bit more space and plant a garden in the ground. But we’re not their yet. With Brock still being unemployed (he’s waiting to hear back from one job and has an interview for something really great on Tuesday–mojo requested), and being in the middle of planning a wedding on top of everything else involved in a normal life, I feel like I am being pulled in a million different directions at once. I am worn out by worrying about money–and stress settled on me in the form of a UTI that really took the wind out of my sails.

The good news is that Brock’s mom stepped in and has offered to let us stay with her until we are able to stabilize a little bit. It’s not that we can’t pay for what we have with just my job. It’s that it takes my entire paycheck to cover it. There is no room for emergencies–and when someone gets a UTI the week before they are supposed to get health insurance and then gets their debit card stolen and then the car battery dies–there just isn’t any effing wiggle room. It’s a recipe for a meltdown. She has been offering for months, and Friday, we took her up on it. She has three extra bedrooms upstairs that we are going to move into. There will be a bedroom for us, a bedroom for Athrun and a private living/studio space. Minerva will be absolutely spoiled by the cat flap and closed-off, cat-friendly backyard. We will be able to pull this wedding together and throw a little money at debt the next couple of months, and be out back on our own when Brock is stably employed.

What we won’t have is a lot of storage. We’re planning a big garage sale for the weekend we move in, and what doesn’t sell is being donated. More importantly for you though, I am not going to have room to store all of my yarn or to dye yarn while we are there. A little sad, yes, but a great opportunity for you!

Over the weekend, I marked down all of my yarn and fiber by at least 30% and it will remain that way until it’s gone, gone, gone. And my mission is to sell most of it by the time we move in three weeks. Now is the time to stock up on sock yarn!

(RAWR! sock yarn club will proceed as normal, sock clubbers)

In the meantime, I am sorting through my personal stash and slowly starting to pack up the apartment. I plan to keep blogging, and hope to devote some more time to other projects while I am not dyeing.

Be on the lookout for some destash deals over the next few days.

For now, it’s day 5 of Tour de Fleece, and I need to get spinning!

July projects
grey alpaca singles and my yarn for the pendulum KAL

Also, Brock hasn’t been idle in his unemployment. Aside from keeping up with the dishes, he’s been working on something fun: Dig, Robot, Dig!.

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