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Linocuts for Knitters


If you were one of the folks who subscribed to the first ever installment of the RAWR! sock club, then you know that I have started having fun with linocuts. Those few lucky ladies received my first two note card designs in their sock club packages, and now they are available to everyone in my shop!

The first design still makes me laugh, and I hope it puts a smile on your face too, tiny_dino_knit_before_it_was_cool_notecard
We’ve all known Tiny Dino was too cool for school for ages, but now we can spread the message with a top-hat wearing Tiny Dino knitting away at a garter stitch scarf.

My other design is a bit more classic–and to me at least–the epitome of calm, serene, happy things.


I love this little sheep!

I am printing these cards made to order at the moment, in single goes or sets of four using kraft paper note cards and professional printing ink.

Here’s my sheep block. I have a few more uncut blocks, so be on the look out for more designs.

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