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Lavender Infused Soap

The second batch of soap I made with my soap making kit from was a small batch of lavender infused soap. I used the recipe that came along with the kit, but instead of mixing my lye with plain old water, I boiled some lavender buds I had laying around–they were food grade, and I had always planned to make ice cream with them, but never had–and soap seemed a great way to make use of them. It’s hard not to love a classic, relaxing scent like lavender.

I was still working with the cardboard mold that came with the kit, and as I discussed last time, I wasn’t completely thrilled my soap biscottis. I wanted soap bars, so I did surgery on my mold.

modifying a cardboard soap mold

I finally found a use for that washi tape I had lying around. (I’m not even sure where it came from, but it’s pretty funny.) By shortening the mold, I was able to make the soap taller.

lavender soap2
It almost looks like regular soap bars! It’s still a little short and wide, but it seems like it will be a little bit more practical to use in the shower.

lavender soap
I sprinkled a few buds over the top of the soap, but because I was still wearing some honking big rubber gloves, it was really more of a dump. Overall, I like the effect. And it smells wonderful. I added just a few drops of lavender essential oil, but I’m thinking most of the scent comes from the infusion. Next I need to get some little reusable tea bags and start infusing some olive oils.

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