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Lacto-Fermented Salsa

Remember last week when I got almost a quart of whey from one batch of yogurt?
Whey from one batch of yogurt

One of my favorite things to do with whey is make lacto-fermented salsa. I love salsa. I eat it on eggs, on salads with a touch of oil instead of dressing, and on tortilla chips, etc. If I am going to be eating it, I might as well be getting some extra probiotics. Also, making lacto-fermented salsa is pretty much the same as making regular salsa, except you add a little bit of whey.

lacto fermented salsa ingredients
What You’ll Need:
-2 or 3 large tomatoes (you’ll see here I used canned, because we don’t have any ripe tomatoes yet)
-1 large clove garlic
-1/2 bell pepper
-2 jalapeno peppers (for medium spice)
-1 medium onion
-a handful of cilantro (this is from our garden at least!)
-a couple squirts of lemon juice
-2 tablespoons whey from making your own Greek yogurt
-salt to taste
-food processor or blender of some type. I used my Kitchen Aid counter top blender, which I swear is just as good as any Vitamix I ever used when I was in the coffee biz.

-Roughly chop all fresh vegetables
-Add to blender or food processor along with whey, lemon juice, and salt.
-Blend to desired consistency
-Pour into glass jars
-Let set in cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight for two days.
-Refrigerate to stop fermentation.

Salsa should taste just like normal, but with a slightly fermented aftertaste to it–which is usually covered up very quickly by spice.

lacto fermented salsa

I put my salsa in jars I save back from when we buy salsa from the grocery store, because I’m tricksy like that. I usually get enough salsa four about three small jars worth, and even though I can usually go through this much within a week or two, yours should be good up to a couple months.

What’s your favorite way to eat salsa?

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