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Knitting Class

Between running errands and putting up the Christmas tree today, I have been cementing the details of my lesson plan for my first knitting class. I cannot say how jazzed I am to have the opportunity to pass on a bit of what I have learned over the last couple of years.

I finished one of my samples today, and it’s bright pink and fun.

Just for fun, my second knitting project ever.

I used it as a sleeve for my netbook while I was in school. It worked great!

Is there anything you want to learn how to make?

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  1. I still want to make Matthias a blanket. I don’t know about knitting, though. Unless I am doing something wrong, it hurts my wrists too much. I can crochet! I have bits and pieces that I’d like to add on to to make a crazy quilt type blanket for him. Maybe by the time he goes to college I’d have it ready?

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