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Inventory Day

No, I don’t usually keep my yarn in piles, but as I was collecting all my new work from their hidey holes this morning, a pile just kind of grew up out of it. This is just a portion of the yarn I have dyed/spun/knit since January. It’s easy to tell, because that’s the last show I did, and lazy me doesn’t like to make yarn labels until I do a show. (When I make a sale online, making up the label is part of my shipping process.) I know this is a very inconvenient way to do things, because not only do I spend a whole day make a new inventory list, but also writing out labels. It would be much easier to make out labels as I create new objects. I am hoping the Farmer’s Market breaks me of this bad habit.

Today I got through about 3/4 of my inventory before my labels ran out. I will make some more and label the rest tomorrow (I hope).

Just in case anyone had any doubts, I have a lot of yarn!

And it’s all for sale!

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