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In The Works Wednesday

On Sunday, I cast on Starling out of oviraptor yarn. I was looking for a project that would stick to my needles. One that would take awhile to finish, be mostly mindless, but still be engaging to work on. Then Cecily Glowik MacDonald posted Starling to her blog last week and I knew what that project would be. I cast on in white for two reason. First, I couldn’t decide what color to use. Second, once I purchased the pattern, I didn’t want to wait the couple of days it takes to dye and dry two skeins of lace weight yarn. I figure, if I don’t like a white cardigan, I can always dye it fire engine red or something later. I am really enjoying knitting with this yarn. It’s making a lovely fabric. I got gauge with my first swatch, which, when washed, bloomed beautifully. I can’t wait to get a little more heft onto this fabric. Of course, after three days of admittedly light knitting, I only have about four inches of fabric.

The knitting has been light because I have been warping and weaving on my second rigid heddle loom project.

I started weaving this last night in class. We’re learning how to use pick up sticks and pattern sticks. My brain is still wrapping around the whys and wherefors, but it’s coming along. I didn’t want to stop when class was over last night, and this is the first thing I will be coming back to when all my work for the day is done, which admittedly might be kind of late…

What are you working on?

2 thoughts on “In The Works Wednesday

  1. It’s long past Wednesday and I will do a crafty blog post about what I’ve been doing in my crafty world later today, however…I just want to say that I would LOVE to take a weaving class….specifically to learn about pick-up sticks and pattern sticks. I want to make a hounds-tooth pattern with my rigid heddle loom! (I have a Kromski Harp).

    1. I need more brain power than I currently have for the pick up stick weaving. But it makes fun patterns.

      For houndstooth, you don’t need a pick up or pattern stick, it all has to do with color. Here’s a video that gives a look.

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