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In the Works Wednesday

I am back to being an evening knitter–which is strange after spending months with a pair of needles (or a pen) in my hand nearly the whole day long. I have been working at the State OFfice building for the last week. Some of you may find this hard to believe, but at 27, this is the first time I have ever working 8-5 in an office. I am not used to sitting down all day. I am used to doing my data entry standing up on computer that is also a cash register. It’s a strange experience.

It has drastically slowed down my knitting production. All other fiber crafts (dyeing, spinning, weaving) have ground to a halt. As much as I enjoy other fiber crafts, I think I must primarily be a knitter. When it comes to decompression, knitting is what I reach for. I spent the last week finishing off my Daybreak. Those rows get really long!

Off the needles, but unblocked. I made the largest size, but bound off a few rows early for fear of running out of yarn. I wasn’t low on yarn, but I didn’t have as much leftover as I thought I would and I was hatching plans for the yarn leftover from this project as I was knitting it, and I will be very sad if I don’t get to do it now.

My Surfer Tee is coming along nicely.

After knitting the yoke, discovering I had been doing the lace repeat incorrectly, ripping it out, and knitting back, I feel like the two weeks worth of work I have done on this shows great progress for just doing a few rows in the evenings. I didn’t get nearly as much knitting done on it as I would have like last night because it took forever to update my etsy shop. I only added a few skeins, but my computer has an over heating problem, and in the heat we’ve been having lately, my little laptop does not stay on very long. Last night I had to sit by the window with the fan in it with my laptop cooler and laptop on my lap. It worked, but it was still slow going. I hope to invest a new computer this fall, which should make all of my work–yarn and writing related–a lot easier to accomplish.

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