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I Knit a Womb

Last night, I got home, and was feeling a little cranky–I am having diet issues, which I may bring up at a later time–and I had forced myself to take the day off work. (Blogging doesn’t count.) I have been experiencing knitting ennui this week. Too much Farmer’s Market knitting, not enough me knitting. Then I noticed my phone had downloaded the new episode of Cast On. I listened as I piddled about the apartment. Brenda spoke about knitting wombs. So I grabbed the pattern off knitty, sat down and got to work.

I had the perfect yarn. The pipe cleaners. The stuffing.

And it was fun. It took about an hour all together, and I had some trouble with the pipe cleaners. It fulfilled my knitting desire and also fit right in with my mood, a little cranky, a little defiant, a little quirky.

I would like to knit more toys. Small toys like this one. I don’t think I have the patience for giant toys. I should figure out a tiny dino pattern or two. Now that would be appropriate.

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